Kesmy in College

Kesmy St. Louis holds a pen in his mouth to write answers to his homework at his home in Oscoda. St. Louis had his arms amputated after he fell in a cooking fire at age 12 and suffered severe burns and infection. He is now living with Ann and Mark Hume in Oscoda, Mich. where he has a visa to attend Alpena Community College.

A message written by St. Louis in chalk greets his host mom on their basement floor. St. Louis wrote the message by using his feet.

Hume encourages St. Louis as they take a break for a brief workout in their basement between school and chores. Hume first met St. Louis when she was working as a missionary in Haiti.

St. Louis uses his feet to turn the pages of his Bible. St. Louis has become a Christian and dreams of attending seminary school. He attends community college in Oscoda while saving up money and applying for acceptance to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.

Kesmy St. Louis waters the garden in front of his host family's home. Although disabled, he still helps around the home doing chores and most work on his own.

Classmate Rosie Bunch of East Tawas helps Kesmy St. Louis put on his backpack once his algebra class ends at Alpena Community College. St. Louis hopes his credits will transfer once he is accepted to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.

Soccer is St. Louis' favorite sport. When he visits his family in Haiti in the summers he often brings the children in his village soccer balls he purchases in the United States.

Hume shows St. Louis an article printed about her most recent mission trip to Haiti as they spend time together in the living room. St. Louis was accepted to Moody and begin his first semester in the fall of 2010.


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